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Internet Clean Up Erase Delete Wipe
Overwrite Your Sensitive DATA with

Destroy email beyond recovery
Erase "previously deleted" files/folders
Remove evidence of your online activity

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  Just Released: CyberScrub Version 3.5  


from the front page of the Wall Street Journal

PRIVACY: Can your PC be Subpoenaed?
(A Northwest Airlines lawsuit shows how hard it is to protect personal privacy when computer hard drives become pawns in litigation. This is the
best case we have ever seen for daily use of CyberScrub.)

Attention Heath Care Providers:
We offer HIPAA compliant data destruction solutions

"Deleted" files remain on your computer

Sensitive data can easily fall into the wrong hands. And because Windows is not capable of deleting information beyond recovery, you are at risk! Passwords, financial documents, even those "about last night" e-mails are fair game for the IT professional, computer technician or hacker. CyberScrub allows you to purge, wipe and erase data with methods that far exceed US Department of Defense standards for file deletion (DOD 5220.22).
Learn more about insecure file deletion

Protect your Internet privacy

Most people are shocked to learn files have been placed on their computer (without their knowledge or permission) that create user profiles and document their Internet activity. Few realize every picture, video clip, graphic or chat room conversation is written to their hard drive. CyberScrub Internet clean up erases all evidence of your on-line history to ensure your valued privacy.

CyberScrub vs. Similar Products

No other product is designed for total protection and ease of use like CyberScrub. Compare!

Introducing cyberCide®

cyberCide is designed for the complete sanitation and decommission of computers. This new offering provides a secure procedure for disposal of systems or return of leased assets. Volume and GSA pricing available. More...

While CyberScrub is designed for use with your active machine, cyberCide is needed to ensure the complete and secure destruction of data on entire drives and/or sectors. Which product is best for my needs?
Compare cyberCide to CyberScrub

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