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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need Privacy Suite?
A: When you "delete" a file using Windows it is possible to recover that data using simple forensic tools. Privacy Suite erases data securely and beyond recovery. You may use this program to erase selected files and folders on demand, as well as to ensure that previously "deleted" files cannot be recovered. Few realize their Internet activity is an open book. Small files are placed on your computer-"cookies", that track your movements and create user profiles. If you view photos/videos on the web or in newsgroups they remain on your hard drive. E-mail you "trashed" can be reconstructed with little effort. Your chat room conversations may provide an opportunity for embarassment. Privacy Suite destroys your discarded files beyond recovery and eliminates evidence of your Internet activity. Finally, this fine utility provides strong encryption to secure your sensitive data from unauthorized discovery.

Q: Why is Privacy Suite labeled version 4.5? Isn't this a new product?
A: Privacy Suite has formerly been known simply as CyberScrub Professional, Standard or Basic. As our product line grows there exists the potential for confusion with the name of a product and company being the same. We felt this was a good time to rename our flagship offering to clearly identify its benefits.

Q: What are the major new features of Privacy Suite?
A: There are over 50 new features and enhancements however some of the major additions are:
1) A new user interface
2) Encryption features to secure your files
3) Support for Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2.0
4) A Permissions module to limit functions to Users or Groups
5) The ability to automatically erase all newsgroup evidence from the Privacy Guard
6) Updated support for Yahoo! Messenger and MSN Messenger
7) A Scheduler to run Privacy Suite at designated times, when idle, or at system events such as start up or shutdown.
8) Data Retention capability to destroy or retain data based on age, location or other criteria

Q: What is the best way to contact CyberScrub for support?
A: You may visit our Interactive Support Center at: or from Privacy Suite simply access the Help menu > Support.

Q: Can Privacy Suite be run under multiple user accounts?
A: Privacy Suite removes the sensitive information (Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, etc.) from the user account in which it was run. To clean sensitive information from other users, you need to switch to another user and run Privacy Suite from that user. Privacy Suite has been designed to allow you to run it from another user without having to install it under each individual user (just run its executable file). Once loaded on a differnt user, it will automatically detect the correct paths for that user, so you won't need to re-configure anything.

If you want to clean sensitive information from other users (without switching the user account), there is also an option to do this: just add their corresponding folders to the Custom Areas of Privacy Guard and they will be erased each time your run it. The only condition is that you have access to delete the files from other users (if you are administrator, you should be able to do this).

Q: Does Privacy Suite eliminate my Peer2Peer activity?
A: Yes, Privacy Suite rids your computer of evidence from 22 popular P2P applications including Kazaa, iMesh, Morpheus, etc... For a full listing of supported Peer2Peer applications see "Privacy Suite Features"

Q: What platforms does Privacy Suite Support?
A: Privacy Suite works with Windows 98, 2000, NT, ME, and XP.

Q: Can I use the Internet Privacy Guard with Netscape Navigator, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, AOL or MSN?
A: Yes, our new version.

Q: Which wipe method should I use?
A: If your disks are likely to be investigated with hardware recovery tools, you should use one of the following wipe methods: Stop Hardware Recovery(DoD), 3+7+3 Beyond DoD Standards or Stop Hardware Recovery (Gutmann). These methods are very secure, they can stop both software and hardware recovery tools, but they are very slow. If you only want to stop software recovery tools, you should use Stop Software Recovery Tools or the three Quick Wiping wipe methods. They are less secure than the Stop Hardware Recovery methods, but much faster.