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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q: What platforms does CyberScrub Support?
A: CyberScrub works with Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, ME and XP.

Q: Can I use the Internet Privacy Guard with Netscape Navigator, AOL or MSN?
A: Yes, our new version 3.0 offers full support.

Q: Why do I need CyberScrub?
A: For two reasons: One, you need to feel secure and confident that once you have deleted information, it's GONE. Without a secure file deletion utility your confidential information can be easily retrieved. Second, your Internet activity is an open book. Small files are placed on your computer, "cookies" that track your movements and create user profiles. If you view photos on the web or in newsgroups they remain on your hard drive. E-mail you "trashed" can be reconstucted with little effort. Your chat room conversations may provide an opportunity for embarassment. CyberScrub deletes your discarded files beyond recovery and eliminates evidence of your Internet activity.

Q: Does CyberScrub support FAT32? What about large hard drives?
A: The answer is yes to both questions. CyberScrub is designed to work with FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS disk drives. With CyberScrub you can also erase files on floppy, ZIP or Jaz drives. Special wipe methods are provided to wipe a file / wipe the free space on compressed drives. CyberScrub also works with drives of any size and with any amount of free space.

Q: Which wipe method should I use?
A: If your disks are likely to be investigated with hardware recovery tools, you should use one of the following wipe methods: Stop Hardware Recovery (DoD), 3+7+3 Beyond DoD Standards or Stop Hardware Recovery (Gutmann). These methods are very secure, they can stop both software and hardware recovery tools, but they are very slow. If you only want to stop software recovery tools, you should use Stop Software Recovery Tools or the three Quick Wiping wipe methods. They are less secure than the Stop Hardware Recovery methods, but a lot faster
Q: Which wipe method can be used on compressed drives?
A: If you wipe data on compressed drives, use one of the following methods: Quick Wiping (Random Pass), Stop Software Recovery Tools, 3+7+3 Beyond DoD Standards or Stop Hardware Recovery (Gutmann). These methods have at least one pass that uses a random data stream that cannot be compressed. Q:How do I uninstall CyberScrub? A: Open the Windows Add/Remove Programs dialog box (click on the Windows Start button, select Settings, then Control Panel, and then Add/Remove Programs). Select CyberScrub from the list and click the Add/Remove button.
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