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Radio Interviews

"Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline" interview with Bill Adler, President of CyberScrub, LLC.
"Voice of America" interview with Bill Adler, President of CyberScrub, LLC. - Linda Casdan
Hear the Internet Broadcast CEOcast with host Ken Strowe interviewing Bill Adler, President of CyberScrub, LLC. about deleted files remaining on your computer.
"Neal Boortz " Nationally syndicated radio host interview with Bill Adler on March 31, 2004
Hear the radio interview on CJOB Radio with host Harry Callahan interviewing Bill Adler, President of CyberScrub, LLC.

CyberScrub Vice President David Rice was the featured guest July 9th on nationally syndicated radio show Computer America, the nation's longest-running, highest-rated radio talk show dedicated to computers and technology.

Other Recent Appearances include:

  • WOR Joey Reynolds Show
  • WLS Eileen Byrne Show
  • Bill Bailey's It's Your Money
  • Jan Mikelson, WHO Mikelson in the Morning
  • Many More

TV Broadcast

WSB TV Atlanta Broadcast - "Deleted Files Remain on Your Hard drive
News team from Atlanta reports on how deleted files remain on your hard drive and what steps you can take to remedy the problem.

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Here are just a few examples of the many books featuring CyberScrub.

PC Fear Factor
Hacker Attack
Complete Idiot's Guide to Computer Security
Steal This Computer Book 2

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Online Media

CyberScrub Introduces File Erasure Utility
May 24, 2007

CyberScrub LLC, an Atlanta-based developer of computer security tools, has released CyberScrub Compliance Suite, an application that erases selected data over computer networks.

Erase Files Remotely & Securely
May 11, 2007

Deleting files in Windows, even emptying the Recycle Bin, doesn't guarantee that those files and their contents have really been removed from the hard drive. As some companies have discovered the hard way, either when forensics turn them up during discovery or when malefactors recover them from stolen or lost hard drives and mobile media.

Processor Magazine - Product Releases
April 20, 2007

CyberScrub released CyberScrub Compliance Suite. The software suite is targeted at businesses that seek to comply with federal and state laws and statutes, such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, FACTA, and Gramm-Leach-Bliley.

How To Keep Your Data From Being Destroyed
February 27, 2007
By Larry Greenemeier
If the thought of employees stealing confidential data makes IT and security managers restless at night, then the prospect of those employees destroying that confidential data is enough to make them feel like they're sleeping on a bed of nails.

The Risky Business Of Data Deletion
October 2, 2006
By J. Nicholas Hoover
Data retention and deletion represent two sides of the same issue as companies grapple with their legal and regulatory responsibilities. Which electronic records must you save, and when should you delete them--for good?

Google ads hit the print time
August 31, 2005
By Elinor Mills and Stefanie Olsen
Net search giant is expanding into the print world in a bold attempt to capture traditional-ad dollars. Bill Adler, chief executive of...

Keyboard Cops
June 1, 2005

Forget leaving fingerprints at the scene of the crime. Today's police know that the hard evidence they find on your hard drive can put you behind bars, says Jimmy Lee Shreeve.

Antiforensic Tools
June 2005 •
By Simson Garfinkel
It's important to protect your company's data. But how do you know whether what you think you've erased is actually unrecoverable?

Safe at Home
March 2005 • By Kathleen S. Carr, Sarah D. Scalet and Derek Slater
CISOs are always pushing computer security policies. We asked three of them to forget the policies and show us how they handle security on their own home systems. 

Delayed Obsolescence
March 2005 • By Kevin Savetz
No matter where your old hard drive is headed, experts warn, be sure to completely erase all the data it contains. Simply moving files to the "Recycle Bin," or even reformatting the drive, is not enough: data still can be recovered. 
Viruses Target IM
May 4, 2004 • By Liane Cassavoy
Expect the threats to continue. As users get adept at stopping traditional attacks, virus writers will look for softer targets, says Bill Adler, president of CyberScrub, a PC security software vendor. "Instant messaging, for many reasons, is a softer target."
Head-To-Head: Demolition Experts Erase Your Data Once & For All
March 2004 • Vol.2 Issue 3 Page(s) 74-76 in print issue
Have you ever wondered what happens to a file you delete? Initially, of course, it goes into your Recycle Bin. But what happens after you delete it from there?
Wall Street Journal Online • By Matthew Newman
VATs UP - DOW JONES NEWSWIRES -- Europe's value-added tax now applies to a new class of Internet products. It's making life more complicated for a host of U.S. companies.
New York
November 27, 2003 • By J.D. BIERSDORFER
Sweep With a Scanner, Vacuum a Printed Page
Q:What is deleted by privacy protection programs that claim to erase your tracks online?
Dec 7, 2003 • By Michael McCarthy
Bill Husted Computer Tips - Donating Your Old Computer

Overwrite 'deleted' data to ensure nothing remains
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Q: I am getting a new laptop and giving my daughter the old one. My problem is, how do I get information off the hard drive that I don't want her to have access to? How do I transfer it to the new laptop?

Investor's Business Daily: Europe Soon Will Tax Web 'Downloadables'
Wednesday, June 25, 2003 • by Pete Barlas
...The new sales tax is aimed at offshore companies that sell digital goods to European customers, but have no offices in Europe. CyberScrub is in that category. About 80% of the company's annual software sales are digital. And about 35% of that total is sold in Europe. Read More...
February 20, 2003 • By Patrick Norton , David Prager, and Roman Loyola
Ultimate Data Destruction - Hard drives grow in storage and shrink in price every day, so upgrading your hard drive is a no-brainer. But what do you do with that old drive?
CBS MarketWatch: Cleaning the slate Removing financial data from your computer -- for good
July 14, 2003 • By Laura Bruce,
NORTH PALM BEACH, Fla. -- At Computers 4 Rent in North Palm Beach, Fla., it's not unusual for customers to leave personal financial information on the hard drive of a computer they rented or one they want to sell to the store. Read More...
Smart Computing - Software Reviews
December 2003 . Vol.14 Issue 12 Page(s) 25 in print issue
Gone For Good - Drive Utilities Every time you use your PC, information about your electronic activities falls into your OS' (operating system's) cracks. Read More...
ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE) • Oct. 30, 2003
Intel on Mark with Security Assessment; CyberScrub: Digital Data Destruction Other Half of Solution ATLANTA-- In today's Wall Street Journal (10/30/03), Intel, the world's largest chip maker, and a leading manufacturer of computer, networking and communications products goes to great lengths describing the clear and present danger of retaining outdated network client machines. Read More...
HIPAAlert: Re-Thinking Computer Disposal Under HIPAA- QUESTION
Volume 3, No. 6 June 17, 2002 • by Eric Maiwald, CISSP
What should we do about information that may be on computers that we are getting rid of?
ANSWER: This is a very timely question. Many organizations get rid of computers by donating them to schools or non-profit organizations. Read More...

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